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Why Looks Do Matter When Online Dating

Landing Dates Why good looking people are more successful on online dating websites If you don’t already know why good looking people are more successful on online hookup dating websites than simple looking people, you seriously need to learn how the world works. Like in
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Dating Tips For Women: 5 Ways To Look More Confident

Dressing Yourself Up Dating tips for women: How to look more confident Men are often represented as confident, strong and handsome, but when it comes to a woman, what words can you really use to describe her? Women are often seen as fragile, elegant, and beautiful, but it takes a
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How Affairs Make My Marriage Stronger

Affairs can help make your marriage last even longer. There was always something that you didn’t like about your future wife, and you knew what it was the moment you guys met. It may have been the way she laughed or the way her heels clicked on the pavement as you walked
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What Counts as Cheating?

Do you know whether or not you’re actually cheating? Cheating is not just having sex with other women than your girlfriend/wife, it’s much more than that; it’s breaking a vow of commitment and a self commitment as well. So many men think that if you don’t
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7 Ways to Know you are being Cheated On

Would you be able to recognize the signs your lover is infedelitous? She doesn’t have time for you, but her schedule is wide open for “friends.” It could be that she values her relationship with them more than the union that the two of you share. There is also the
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Signs She’s Cheating On You

Your girlfriend might be cheating on you…are these signs present? If you feel that she is cheating on you, she probably is. There are some things that you must start feeling worry about if your girlfriend/ wife start doing. Following your guts will always guide you to find
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Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders

If These 4 Celebrities Got Caught Cheating So Will You

Celebrities get caught cheating. If they, with all their wealth and power, get caught there’s pretty much no way that you’re going to be able to keep your covert relationship covert for long. Sure, you don’t have the paparazzi on your tail trying to catch a
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Where and How to Get a Prepaid Credit Card Your Wife Won’t Notice

Here’s the best advice that you’re ever going to get for having an affair: buy a prepaid credit card. You’re going to have to pay for things while you’re out on your dates, but you don’t want any charges going back to your partner. You don’t
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Cheating apps

Fly Under the Radar with These Smartphone Cheating Apps

Cheating has never been easier. It seems like there’s an app for everything these days, and when it comes to cheating there isn’t just one app. There are a lot of different programs on the market that aim to make it quicker, easier, and safer for you to date
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catch a cheater

4 Things You Lose When Your Lover Catches You Cheating

If you’re going to have an affair you’d better be sure that you’re never going to be caught. If you really don’t want to lose everything, just stay with the person that you’re committed to because when you get caught cheating it’s 10,000 times
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relationship problems

4 Relationship Problems That Prompt Affairs

No one really deserves to be cheated on. The person who broke the trust is the one to blame, always. When someone has an affair it can leave their partner feeling devastated, angry, and confused. When they take a look at the relationship they can see that there were signs that
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work affair

5 Reasons Work Affairs Never Work

The office affair is something that’s just never going to work. Unsurprisingly, people have been trying it since the dawn of time. You’re there with them all the time, you see them, you have an opportunity to feel like you know each other really well. Work is hard, or
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