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Why Looks Do Matter When Online Dating

Landing Dates Why good looking people are more successful on online dating websites If you don’t already know why good looking people are more successful on online hookup dating websites than simple looking people, you seriously need to learn how the world works. Like in
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Dating Tips For Women: 5 Ways To Look More Confident

Dressing Yourself Up Dating tips for women: How to look more confident Men are often represented as confident, strong and handsome, but when it comes to a woman, what words can you really use to describe her? Women are often seen as fragile, elegant, and beautiful, but it takes a
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Should You Skip Work To Have Sex?

You might be tempted to call in sex to have sex with your lover…is it worth it? There is a lot of information available on line to help you spice up your sex life. If you do a quick search you can find lots of advice about how to increase your odds of getting laid, and how
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How To Turn A Tinder Match Into A Hookup

Don’t simply stop at swiping. It’s time to turn that Tinder match into the hookup of your dreams. Getting to third base can seem really like a very complex task. They say a woman is like a car because it is similar or symbolic of how your and her actions flow
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What Men Want You to Know About Dating and Sex

Listen up ladies – men are here to get real about their sexual thoughts. Men don’t usually like to date shy girls; they want to date girls with experience. They want to experience everything with the ones they date; they don’t really want to teach them what they
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Steering Your Date from the Bar to the Bedroom, Without the Stress

Taking your date home is easier than you think. Going After What You Want You may not have experienced the moment yourself, but it is possible to pick up a girl in a bar safely and get laid by the end of the night. Let’s explore the three simple steps for flirting with the
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