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Should You Skip Work To Have Sex?

You might be tempted to call in sex to have sex with your lover…is it worth it? There is a lot of information available on line to help you spice up your sex life. If you do a quick search you can find lots of advice about how to increase your odds of getting laid, and how
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How To Turn A Tinder Match Into A Hookup

Don’t simply stop at swiping. It’s time to turn that Tinder match into the hookup of your dreams. Getting to third base can seem really like a very complex task. They say a woman is like a car because it is similar or symbolic of how your and her actions flow
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What Men Want You to Know About Dating and Sex

Listen up ladies – men are here to get real about their sexual thoughts. Men don’t usually like to date shy girls; they want to date girls with experience. They want to experience everything with the ones they date; they don’t really want to teach them what they
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