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Should You Skip Work To Have Sex?

You might be tempted to call in sex to have sex with your lover…is it worth it? There is a lot of information available on line to help you spice up your sex life. If you do a quick search you can find lots of advice about how to increase your odds of getting laid, and how
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Tips on How to Be Good in Bed

Worried about your bedroom skills? Don’t fret any longer – we’ve got you covered. Learning how to be a good lover is not complicated. There is a wealth of sex advice out there but if you keep just a few things in mind, you’re going to improve your skills
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Surefire Ways To Get a Lady Off

Nothing fills you with manly pride like watching your woman moaning, back arched and fisting the bed sheets because of you. It makes you feel powerful, especially knowing how elusive that big o can be. If you want to make sure she’s always satisfied, try out some of the
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