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How to Introduce Your Hookup to the Wild World of Kink

Here’s how to get girl into kink if she’s unsure. Keeping in spontaneous in your sex life can be a bit of a headache. You may have run out of ideas to spice it for your lady or she wants more. There can be things that you add into your encounters, stronger foreplay,
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Unusual Turn-On Tips

Your ultimate guide to turning on your date. Women are emotional creatures. For a better sex life, the man must understand his woman’s emotions first because for women, sex is related to emotions and it’s so hard for a woman to have casual sex. Here are some turn-on
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7 Things You Should Know About How Birth Control Works

Birth control is about having safe sex with no risk of pregnancy. The relief and excitement had to have been thick in the air when the first real birth control rolled onto the market. Birth control is what two sexes, mainly women use to prevent or stop the risk of STDs and
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Surefire Ways To Get a Lady Off

Nothing fills you with manly pride like watching your woman moaning, back arched and fisting the bed sheets because of you. It makes you feel powerful, especially knowing how elusive that big o can be. If you want to make sure she’s always satisfied, try out some of the
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