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5 Great Spots To Take A Date In Toronto If You Don’t Drink

Toronto is a great city for finding great women. One of the largest and ethnically diverse cities in North America, Toronto is an internationally acclaimed city with an abundance to do and see. Not surprisingly, there is an eclectic plethora of possibilities for date night in
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3 Montreal Bars To Bring A First Date To Ensure You Get A Second Date

Don’t be afraid to take your date to a bar – it might actually be the best option! Good old Montreal – one of Canada’s biggest hotspots for a guys’ weekend, spontaneous vacation or a bachelorette party. So where in this gem of Canada would be a top bar to take a
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Meeting With Her Friends Without Making a Fool of Yourself

It’s possible to meet your girl’s friends without looking like a total moron. Meeting a girl’s friends can be just as (if not more) intense than having her meet your guys. For guys, sure, they talk about their women but not NEARLY as much as women talk about men
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Meeting With the Guys: Introducing Your Girl to Your Friends

Don’t be afraid to introduce your new girlfriend to your bros. The time has come to introduce your friends to the girl you’ve either been pining about all month long or avoiding the conversation of in fear of jinxing it or sounding mushy and “whipped.” The truth is, whether
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How to Introduce Your Hookup to the Wild World of Kink

Here’s how to get girl into kink if she’s unsure. Keeping in spontaneous in your sex life can be a bit of a headache. You may have run out of ideas to spice it for your lady or she wants more. There can be things that you add into your encounters, stronger foreplay,
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Easy Strategies to Improve Your Sex Skills: Get Confident to Get It On

Easy Strategies to Improve Your Sex Skills: Get Confident to Get It On Here’s your chance to finally become a master in the bedroom. Whether in a long term relationship looking to spice things up or make an impactful first impression between the sheets with your new date,
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top canadian dating websites

Best Canadian Dating Sites

Dating Sites In Canada – The Basics Searching for love is often a daunting task. Not only do you have to put your best foot forward when looking for “the one,” but you also have to be aware of partners who are not the right fit. Getting past your nerves is often half the
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casual sex encounters sites

Which Casual Encounters Sites Should You Use?

Who doesn’t love a casual encounter? For those unfamiliar with the term, a casual encounter is 9 times out of 10 a polite way of referring to a quickie – fast and hot sex anytime, anyplace. For those who are familiar with the term, you’re likely a frequenter of casual sex sites.
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top one night stands sites

Best One Night Stands Sites

Have you ever wanted to have great, steamy, mind-blowing sex without the commitment of a relationship? Who hasn’t wished for something like this from time to time – and with the introduction of the Internet, it’s never been easier to find. There are over 1,000 dating websites out
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adult classifieds sites & personal sex ads

Adult Classifieds & Sex Personals

Online dating sites are great for finding a partner to have fun with in real life. You can start the relationship through computer screens, but move on to real dates and sex eventually. This removes a lot of complication from relationships and online dating and sex personals give
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Is EasySex a Good Hookup Site? Check The Reviews

It seems to us that many dating sites that exist nowadays aren’t of a high enough caliber. Many single meet up sites look at the idea of hooking up with disdain – but you deserve more than that from your dating site. This sort of idea shows through in their online services and
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Is HookupCloud a Good Adult Dating Site? Check The Reviews

In our opinion, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good ol’ hookup. Who doesn’t like the idea of casual sex with no strings attached? There’s no pressure to please her, it’s just about getting each other off and saying goodbye at the end of it all. This kind of sexual appetite
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