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Best and Worst spot to bring a date?

There are definitely horrible places to bring a date…do you know where they are? Planning a date can feel like a lot of pressure. Where to go, what to wear, and what to talk about are all things to keep in mind. Make your planning a little easier by considering the
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5 Great Spots To Take A Date In Toronto If You Don’t Drink

Toronto is a great city for finding great women. One of the largest and ethnically diverse cities in North America, Toronto is an internationally acclaimed city with an abundance to do and see. Not surprisingly, there is an eclectic plethora of possibilities for date night in
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3 Montreal Bars To Bring A First Date To Ensure You Get A Second Date

Don’t be afraid to take your date to a bar – it might actually be the best option! Good old Montreal – one of Canada’s biggest hotspots for a guys’ weekend, spontaneous vacation or a bachelorette party. So where in this gem of Canada would be a top
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