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Signs Your Girlfriend Is Bad News

Not every girl is a good one. A little naughty is fine, but is your girl truly bad news? Relationship Advice Lying awake at night, and she’s in the bathroom on the phone getting ready to go out with her friends for some drinks before you know it she’s out the door.
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How Technology Can Help Relationships

Can technology help or hinder a fledgling romance? If you do a quick search on relationship advice you will come across an abundance of information on how the technology, a ubiquitous part of our lives, can be detrimental to our relationships. While it’s true that spending
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How To Know She’s Worth The Commitment

Not all women are worth committing to. How can you truly tell if she’s the one? Whether you can commit or not, you will realize if your girlfriend deserves to be more than just your girlfriend. There are certain things other than sex that can determine if she is good enough
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What Is Ghosting ?

Not sure what ghosting is? It can be hurtful if it happens to you, but it’s also a great dating technique if you’re the executor. Have you ever had someone you were talking to suddenly and completely stop all contact? You still haven’t received a text from them
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How Do You Know She Loves You?

Does your lady love you? How can you tell? We’ve got some tips for clueless guys out there. Have you ever stopped to look at the woman in your life? She has this unbelievably dorky smile with a piece of broccoli stuck in it, her hair is in this style that almost looks like
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Dating a Coworker and How to Make it Work

There are many places to pick up a potential date or partner for a relationship, no matter what the extent of it will be. Women and men both are often picked up in bars and restaurants, introduced via friends and personal connection, and meet because of other unforeseen
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